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Crescendo Music School opened in 1989 in Oeiras and in 1996 in S. João do Estoril, always with a clear focus on the quality of music teaching, students’ satisfaction and the diversity of its educational offer. Thousands of students, parents, families, have passed by us, each marking this school’s path. Dozens of our students have even become well-known and respected music professionals. Our personalized service is a part of the way we work in classes as well as in our frequent auditions and students’ shows. Teachers are selected thoroughly and they are skilled and experienced, helping each student find the best path to reach his or her personal goals. We prepare students for superior education – Classical and Jazz – and we do Trinity College of London exams for those who wish to obtain internationally recognized degrees.
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Crescendo intends to develop and work on this key subject so as to show students and parents its importance in all the aspects of students’ full musical development.
For these reasons, the monthly payment of Ear training and Music Theory in 2018/2019 will be significantly lower, including when they’re a part of a program with more subjects, to facilitate students’ access to them.
Several activities and initiatives will be set in motion during the school year to reach the goals we set for these subjects.
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Former students

  • They were incredible years surrounded by inspiring people who gave me strength and motivation throughout my whole learning process. With a high level of professionalism and dedication, this school gave me all the conditions so that I could know my instrument and learn in the most fun way, always pushing for discipline and studying, of course! I am very thankful to this school, which has taught me so much.

    Nuno Moreno
    Nuno Moreno Drummer
  • I am extremely fond of Crescendo because it's the place where I started this musical adventure and where I also had the opportunity to teach. It was, without a doubt, the starting point to a new life.

    Ricardo Barriga
    Ricardo Barriga Guitarist, Composer
  • Today I'm a professional musician, I'm a member of several original and covers projects, and everything started at Crescendo. At the beginning I didn't think that my future could be music at a professional level, but the truth is the zest for it grew and grew. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn music, no matter what the goal (professional/amateur) or the instrument is, for you will find excellent teachers, great facilities and a captivating way of teaching.

    Diogo Caetano
    Diogo Caetano Guitarist, Singer, Composer
  • I've only got good memories of Crescendo! The training was excellent, and everyone at the school was so nice. I made great friends at Crescendo and the school helped me to grow not only as a singer and a guitarist, but also as a person, because they're interested in working as a team… as a family. Thank you!

    Katia Reis
    Katia Reis Singer
  • At Crescendo I had the opportunity to get fundamental knowledge not only for my musical path, but also for my personal path. I was shaped and oriented by an awesome and professional team in a pleasant environment of friendship and camaraderie; I made friends that last until this day. Many of my colleagues at Crescendo were, and are, colleagues in projects that I embraced, the school being the common factor and catalyst element. For these reasons, my experience in Crescendo was very positive. A sincere thank you to you.

    Vitor Calado
    Vitor Calado Bass player, Drummer
  • It was in Crescendo and with its teachers that I was put in contact with new genres, new sonorities and new techniques. I became even more passionate about music with this experience.

    Ivo Dias
    Ivo Dias Guitarist, Composer

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