Music Theory teaches the way in which you write and read rhythm and sounds, apart from all the theoretical-practical foundations of music, thus providing a progressive and important autonomy for those who study an instrument or sing.
Here you acquire important knowledge in musical harmony, rhythm, melody, musical structures, musical esthetics by periods, etc.
To reach this subject’s goals, we include aspects of psychological and sensory development, working on motricity, coordination, audition, memorization, concentration, etc.

Frequent evaluations, both written and oral, are important to solidify knowledge in class, as well as to create individual goals.

Oeiras Teachers

  • Carlota Pimenta
    Carlota Pimenta Violin, Viola, Flute and Ear Training - Oeiras and Estoril
    • Ana Cristina Esteves
      Ana Cristina Esteves Piano and Ear Training - Oeiras and Estoril
      • Aida Rosa
        Aida Rosa Music Theory, Ear Training, Singing and Choir - Oeiras

        Estoril Teachers

        • Pedro Ferreira da Silva
          Pedro Ferreira da Silva Classic Guitar, Music Theory - Oeiras and Estoril
          • Luís Miguel Aveiro
            Luís Miguel Aveiro Classic Guitar, Music Theory and Orchestra - Estoril
            • Alessio Vellotti
              Alessio Vellotti Piano and Music Theory - Estoril

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