Playing in an Orchestra or in an Ensemble is essential for the technical-musical development of music students of any instrument. Usually guitarists aren’t a part of this type of work, be it because of tradition or lack of repertoire. The Guitar Orchestra is a very recent way of making music worldwide, and it’s also a case of rampant popularity, which is something that happens so frequently nowadays. Its success spreads from Sweden, to the United States, to countries in South America, to Japan, where professional orchestras already exist. It’s not our intention, at this stage, to build professional orchestras (it requires time), but to use this subject to add stability to our students’ training.
At Crescendo Music School Guitar Ensembles have always been important, since our experience in this field is vast, with diverse repertoire that can please students and also help reach our pedagogic goals.
Currently other instruments also take part in the Guitar Orchestra, such as violins, clarinets, flutes, etc.
There are many positive aspects of being a part of the Guitar Orchestra:

• It motivates practice, since it allows students who are just beginning to study an instrument to see instant results of their studies.
• It gives students group training, which contributes in many ways to training in music in general.
• It gives less advanced students the possibility to see faster results, which generates motivation.
• It gives students a sense of responsibility towards the whole group.
• It creates a connection to the school and to other classmates, developing camaraderie and team spirit.

The Mini-Guitar Orchestra is intended for all children from ages 6 to 10. Usually we play simple themes in unison.

The Guitar Orchestra is intended for all students over 10. Classes are 60 minutes a week.

Wednesday 17H30-18h30
Friday 17H30-18h15
Friday 18h15-19h15

Oeiras Teachers

  • Ricardo Nogueira
    Ricardo Nogueira Classic Guitar and Orchestra - Oeiras

Estoril Teachers

  • Luís Miguel Aveiro
    Luís Miguel Aveiro Classic Guitar, Music Theory and Orchestra - Estoril


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