Hip-hop Kids & Teen is a genre that intends to convey to children and teenagers the foundations of the cultural movement of Hip-hop, while also developing children’s ability to improvise. In these classes we teach the basic Hip-hop moves and we evolve into the choreographic world, where each student learns not only to memorize choreographies, but also to create their own sequences of steps. Classes are fun, with strong and intense rhythms and full of movement.


Directed towards discovering new horizons, this genre combines different dance techniques developed during the 20th century and explores new possibilities of movement for the 21st century. It strives to stimulate the dynamic of movement as well as creativity, expressiveness, rhythm, coordination, posture and musicality.


Zumba® Kids is a dance party with fun exercises for Zumba fans from age 6, in which children can make noise and have fun with their friends while following their own rules! This genre uses songs that are appropriate for this age group and that make children and teenagers get into the rhythm of the songs. The goal is for them to let go on the dancefloor, reinforcing the idea that they can be themselves and dance as if no one is watching.


Are you ready to get into shape while having fun? Forget heavy gymnastics, let yourself go with the music and get into shape by being part of this incredible fitness-dance party. Zumba® classes introduce exotic rhythms with high energy international and Latino beats. Before you know it you’ll be in shape and your energy levels will be sky high! It’s easy, effective and fun!


Ballroom dancing combines elegance, rigor, fun and music, thus becoming an excellent show for those who watch it and great exercise for those who practice it. Since it’s practiced in groups, Ballroom Dancing promotes the interaction between people and their wellbeing (physical as well as psychological), since it’s an excellent way to break free from daily worries and stress.

It’s composed of 10 dances, divided into two genres: Classical (English waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, slow fox and quickstep) and Latin (samba, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble and jive).

Enrolling with a partner is advised but not mandatory, and we also recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes

Estoril Teachers

  • Pi Amaro
    Pi Amaro Hip Hop - Estoril


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