We use the most appropriate pedagogical methods and the most experienced teachers to please the most demanding audience: children. We’ve got different kinds of approaches for Kindergarten and Primary School: in Kindergarten children acquire the first musical skills, and in Primary School they start learning an instrument along with a more formal Music Theory.


It’s the time of certainties but also of questions, of passions, of the desire to learn new things. With our approach and our team of teachers we make music a passion for youngsters and we make sure the learning process meets the ambition of each student, never forgetting to be demanding, which is always necessary when learning music.


It’s never too late to learn. We’ve got programs, teachers and approaches which are suitable for each student’s free time and learning pace. Music is the ideal activity to escape routine, to work on concentration and to surpass yourself. In addition to learning purposes, music also works as therapy.


Music touches everybody’s hearts and everybody can play an instrument or sing, even when they’re older. With our approach for seniors you will enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of mankind: Music. This is the age where there’s more time to practice, more flexible schedules, a great will to socialize and a lot to give to music and to everyone around you.

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